Sunday, July 30, 2017

Robbie Lawler vs Donald Cerrone: UFC 214

Robbie Lawler vs Donald Cerrone: UFC 214

Promotion : Ultimate Fighting Championship
Date : July 29, 2017
Venue : Honda Center
City : Anaheim, California

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  1. What a shitty decision..... blind judges.

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  3. Hell no, completely random or delusional stuff, boiz, Cerrone and u two are not objective at all(He's shown it here and when he was mad at Conor and got asked about Conor chances vs MW. He's partly right, but the face expression, with which he was talking, and his tone...) Lawler, as always, showing his bad habit: desire to calculate opponent very good before his "go", and, as always, overusing blocking mode. But he landed a LOT, and deflected a LOT, as well. Even that Cerrone highkick slipped.
    Anyways, another good job by Lawler. Cerrone is tough, didn't fall, he got hit heavily several times, lotta other guys wouldn't survive that and fight back. Though, he wobbled for a sec, but Lawler was in too close(distance) to see it, to continue his "go". That's how that two did that, just "goes", Cerrone tried some unpredictable stuff, wasted lotta Lawlers' time, Lawler fights kinda predictable quite often, even his movement technique doesn't allow him to score, and his movements are linked with expressions a bit, sometimes he is easily understood, this time he, as always, wasn't feeling good w/o calculating it all so it's at least a bit clear. Thumbs up for both of em, Cerrone toughness and unpredictability made him rly withstand it all well. He prob was on a pretty low day, when RdA got him, ofc RdA punches are good and he has speed and he followed well, but Cerrone has fallen strangely fast. And then, RdA did the same vs Eddie... I wonder if Cerrone will ever do something with that slow pace 1st minute 1st round starting, ppl already noticed that thing. Lawler is setting up a lot at once, slow paced as well, though, since his tuneing is different from Cerrones', he was the one, who that first seconds of the fight were better for, to make his "go".
    And, again, I don't know, with what ppl ("fans") watch matches, but I hope, it's situated somewhere in a face, and it's opened. Wait, this is like only 2% of criteria to successfully being someone, who can be fairly considered as a sports' fan. Damn. Sorry for desinfo and too high expectations.
    Not only thicker bald guy hit more times, he hit with much better angles and the power of his hands is obviously bigger, proven by years of him, knocking out ppl. I like Robbie character a lot and enjoy his fights, his loife path, ye, and etc., but this is how analysis is done. Multiply character and a name of a guy on zero. He can withstand that, coz he won't know, and he's the one, who wants a fair analysis as well, knowledge is a frecking power.

  4. Difficult to say who won the 3rd round....but it was an entertaining fight nonetheless.

  5. I'm a cowboy fan as well and I wanted him to win but it wasn't a bad decision.It was a close 3rd Rd but Lawler landed the harder shots those two leg kicks to the head earlier in the Rd and few combinations. Cerrone landed some two but he was backing up and when a round is close they usually give to the one going forward.

  6. Was a good fight, think it could have been a split decision but either way Robbie should have won.
    I had first round even, if I had to give it to someone I would say Robbie, b/c of the forward pressure and more significant shots.
    2nd round could have been a 10,8 for Donald with the new rules, but def a 10,9.
    3rd was a 10,9 for Robbie.