Saturday, July 9, 2016

Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt : UFC 200

Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt : UFC 200
Promotion : Ultimate Fighting Championship
Date : July 9, 2016
Venue : T-Mobile Arena
City : Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. When Brock was on top punching him, Mark was like 'dayum, man, stop hitting me so much!' Good fight for Brock, not so much for Mark. I wonder who Brock will face next.

    1. Fuck me. Look at these two. Lesner, a juiced up WWE bubblewrap. Hunt, a natural Samoan warrior. Through sheer body mass that juiced up muppet won. Mark Hunt FTW. Honourable defeat imo. Weak as piss unconvincing win for Lesnar. He'll get smashed next fight.

  2. I have to say Brock's striking looked natural in the first round. Good for him, hard for the pure muscle guys to keep their cardio for 15 minutes.

  3. lesnar all fucking day, i knew he was going to takedown that fatass!!!! i hope he returns to the ufc and fights for the belt after summerslam.